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2013 Iowa State Cup, Spring 2013 results


state-cup-1502013 Iowa State Cup, Spring Competition:  U13-U14, U19B

Thanks to for the complementary use of their tool for our Iowa State Cup!
Find the schedule, scores and standings by clicking on the age division of interest.  You may also sign up to receive text or email updates (link below), click on the age group to view a mobile-friendly version, or print the information to take along to the fields.
I'm using the tool to provide a convenient way to push out scores shortly after matches conclude (via text/email) and/or for them to be in a mobile-friendly format.  I will still keep official results and standings, including advancement, with me at my administrative trailer behind the concession stand at Cownie.  Should there be any discrepancies, official records are what I'm keeping by hand.  Please alert me should you see any differences.
Since there is the possibility tiebreaker situations/criteria may be interpreted differently by different people, I stress that I don't want teams leaving Cownie until I have posted the teams that will be advancing to the semifinals.  After matches conclude, I get the official score reporting form from the Referee Crew, update and double-check my scores and math and apply tiebreaker criteria when necessary.  Thank you for your patience.
Tiebreaker criteria, as per State Cup Rules:
2001.5  U13-U14 Tiebreaker Criteria and Procedures
If two or more teams are tied in group play standings, the following sequence will be followed until a team is eliminated.  Once a team has been eliminated, the remaining teams will then restart the sequence at the second criteria.
2001.5.1  Criteria, in order:
1)  Winner of head-to-head competition (this criteria is not used if more than two teams are tied)
2)  Winner of most games in team’s respective group
3)  Goal differential (goals scored minus goals allowed), with a maximum differential of four goals per game
4)  Fewest goals allowed
5)  FIFA Kicks From the Mark



Sunday, 5/26 @ 7:30am -- Complex is open and we are proceeding as instructed yesterday.
Sunday, 5/26 @ 3:10pm -- Monday's schedule and game times are now posted
Monday, 5/27 @ 6:40am -- All matches delayed by ONE HOUR
Monday, 5/27 @ 8:15am -- Complex is closed; NO State Cup matches today


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