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Guest Player Allowance


Rec Challenge Cup: Guest Player Allowance, Spirit of, Request Form

Iowa Soccer recreational tournament opportunities are targeted to and intended for regular-season rosters.  We understand that not all players or parents can commit to a full weekend of soccer.  And we also know that some regular-season rosters barely have enough players to field a team and needs subs in order to play in a tournament.
  • If you need to add up to three Guest Player(s) in order for your team to enter, that is what the Allowance is designed for - a tool that will enable you to enter your team.
  • You may use the Guest Player Allowance only AFTER
    • You've asked all players on your team if they are available to play in the event and some are not (do NOT exclude players!), or
    • You have a small roster and would like to have extra players for substitution reasons. 
Every attempt must be made to find guest players who are of like skill -- don't seek out 'ringers' -- that is not in the spirit of the Allowance.  Maximum number of guest players is three.
Regular-season maximum roster sizes apply and you may not add guest players such that it takes your roster over the maximum allowed.
  • 07U-08U = 6
  • 09U-10U = 12
  • 11U-12U = 16
  • 13U-14U = 22; 18 "game active"
  • 15U-16U = 22; 18 "game active"

In a past Rec Cup event, it was confirmed that a coach abused the guest player allowance -- and the coach will not coach at a Rec Cup event again.  We rely on coaches to do the right thing and we conduct our own queries on the information provided in your Guest Player Form.  Disregard for the requirements or spirit of the Allowance will be penalized accordingly.
Checklist for Compliance:  Guest Player Allowance
  • You have asked all members of your team to play and some cannot.
  • Or, you have a small regular-season roster and need guest players for substitution reasons.
  • You are requesting no more than three guest players.
  • You've checked that your requested guest players are currently registered with Iowa Soccer and that they are registered as a RECREATIONAL player only (if they are also classified as a Select player, they are not eligible).
  • Your requests are from players from your club or other Iowa Soccer clubs
  • Your requests are such that for each Rec Challenge Cup game, your team will comply with the regular-season maximum roster size.
  • You are submitting this form by the deadline; late forms not accepted.


Iowa Soccer officials will make the final determination on the eligibility of your requested Guest Players.

Online Guest Player Request Form


  • Spring 2021 Rec Challenge Cup Online Guest Player Request Form
    • Due by 11:59pm on Wednesday, June 2nd
    • Decisions made by 5:00pm on Friday, June 4th
      • Iowa Soccer will contact only those who have ineligible Guest Players and will do so by 5:00pm, Friday, June 4th.  If you don't hear from us by that time, your Guest Players have been approved.
    • Click here for Guest Player Request Form



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