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Adult Soccer: Becoming a Member




Why should we consider joining Iowa Soccer?

Iowa Soccer is a statewide organization that members belong to for a variety of reasons. Some include:
  • opportunities to participate in USASA- (US Adult Soccer) sponsored competitions
  • opportunities to play other USASA-affiliated teams from other state associations
  • membership in USASA and US Soccer
  • league liability insurance for practice and match fields
  • player participant accident insurance (excess)
  • organizational programming rules and policies reflecting the mission of Iowa Soccer
If one of our member leagues already exists near you, we recommend you first go to it to seek playing opportunities.
If there isn't a league near you, explore starting one in your area.  It's simple.  Form a few teams and call Iowa Soccer.
There are some instances, because of geography, when there aren't enough players in a community to form a team, and/or there isn't an Iowa Soccer league in close enough proximity for it to be feasible to register with. If this is the case, simply fill out the form, "Adult Pool".  Once signed up (no fee to do so) you will have access to the list of other players seeking playing opportunities in your area.  You may then contact those players and explore forming teams/leagues in your area.

We (will) have a new adult league and would like to join, so what do we do?

There are several things you should read and consider to determine if you should apply.  In particular, read through the application and rules as well as the registration procedures.
Affiliating an adult league with Iowa Soccer is as easy as submitting an application and a copy of the league rules, then registering your teams.
To assist in league development, although not required, we recommend that you incorporate your league with the Secretary of State, and file a 1023 with the IRS to become a nonprofit organization, allowing your organization to obtain a preferred tax status.

Associates of Iowa Soccer

Well, we really appreciate your enthusiasm for being part of the Iowa Soccer community!  Whether you're an individual or an organization that wants to be associated, just complete our online informational form and we'll keep you in the loop.

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