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My club is participating, what do I do?

Click on your club's logo below, which will take you to an A4A video page.  Select the video(s) that is/are appropriate for you -- player, coach, referee and/or parent.  At the end of the video, you'll be directed to a resources page where you then first read your respective Code of Conduct, then you click on your club's name in order to electronically submit your pledge to practice better sportsmanship.
A4A-Menace A4A-Muscatine
A4A-Norwalk  club-Altoona
JUSC Johnston 

What is Alliance 4 All?

Alliance 4 All is a program designed to bring together the "4" participant groups in a soccer match -- coaches, players, parents and referees -- to "practice better sportsmanship".  It's a collaborative effort developed by the Iowa Soccer Association, Kansas Youth Soccer and the Nebraska State Soccer Association.  To access the program's media, click the logo above.

Who is involved with Alliance 4 All?

During spring 2011, A4A was rolled out as a pilot program for our clubs.  All four were back on board for Fall '11 and beyond, and we are picking up other interested clubs.  If you're interested in having your club consider Alliance 4 All-Endorsement and participation, contact Jenny.
As one of the states that developed A4A, Iowa Soccer is an Alliance 4 All-Endorsed State and will conduct its programming in accordance with this status.  In the fall of 2011, the Iowa State Cup became the first statewide program requiring participants, including referees, to view the modules and make a pledge to practice better sportsmanship.
The program is centered on four brief, online education videos which serve as guides for ways to practice better sportsmanship.  It will also strive to recognize the good sportsmanship that is being practiced, rather than focusing on policing behavior and penalizing offenders.  Ultimately, the program's success will hinge upon the commitment of each individual to practice better sportsmanship, and our hope is that the materials we've developed will encourage and instruct participants to do so.
Clubs currently participating include Altoona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA), Ames Soccer Club, Council Bluffs Youth Soccer Association (CBYSA), Menace Soccer Academy, Muscatine Soccer Club and Norwalk Soccer Club.  Iowa Soccer is proud to announce that each has been declared an "Alliance 4 All-Endorsed Club".

Why should I care about the behavior of any of the participants at a match?

All you need to do is google "poor sportsmanship and youth sports" to see the dizzying list of incidents through the years, and the repeated calls to action.
Your presence at a match constitutes one of the four participants and we need all four to understand they must do their part in practicing better sportsmanship.  By understanding that each has a role and by taking responsibility to do your part, we can add to the google search results for "good sportsmanship youth sports".

Ok, I'm interested in viewing the modules...where do I go?

You can choose from any of the four modules by clicking here.

SPORTSMANSHIP ALERT!  Parents...the kids need your help!

Parents have a profound impact on whether or not their child enjoys soccer, and if he/she sticks with it.  The major stumbling blocks that typically lead to -- inadvertantly in most cases -- negatively impacting your child's soccer experience are:
  • One or both parents didn't grow up with soccer, so don't know the rules, and/or aren't familiar with "small-sided games"
  • Being unfamiliar with the rules and the game leads to unnecessary yelling at referees and opponents -- poor sportsmanship
  • Parents aren't sure what is the best way to support their child in this particular activity
  • Parents re-live their youth sports experience through their child
In addition to Alliance 4 All being a great resource to help you practice better sportsmanship, you're invited to also utilize the excellent resources on our Parent Toolkit Page.

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