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A4A State Cup

Practice Better Sportsmanship @ Iowa Soccer Championship Series


2017 Iowa Soccer Championship Series participants -- Coaches and DOC's, Players, Parents and Referees:
Participation in the Alliance 4 All program for 2017 Iowa Soccer Championship Series is required.  With this year's requirement, I'm asking for about 10 minutes of each participant's time.  Whether or not participants have done this requirement at a previous competitions, as the tagline of our program reads, this sportsmanship program is about practice.
As with previous years, I'm asking each participant, including Referees, to watch the video, read their code of expected conduct and then electronically make their pledge to practice better sportsmanship.
Parents/Caregivers, only one of you is asked to watch the video, but both will be held to it.  Players will need to submit their own pledge after viewing the player video.
Alliance 4 All is a recently-developed program and the videos generally address a range of age groups and levels of play.  Most content has relevance to the expectations we have for sportsmanship at State Cup, even though it may not address all State Cup level/ages or situations specifically.  We encourage parents to also watch the player video and consider having a conversation about it with their child.

How does the pledge system work?

  • After watching your video EACH participant** will submit, via online form, your pledge to "Practice Better Sportsmanship"
    • The data is compiled by the State Cup Director
    • After the deadline passes, a "Completion Report" is emailed to your team coordinator.  It is then up to your club DOC to determine how he/she will handle those who have not completed the pledge.
  • If there are any issues at State Cup that involve a participant, his/her completion status will be considered.


** = Please note that each person who views a video must submit a pledge.  We need to capture the names and status of those who have complied with the Alliance 4 All program at State Cup.  The pledge form intentionally allows only for one name to be submitted so that participants cannot cut corners and simply add all names to the pledge even if not all have viewed the video and read the code.  In more simple terms, a parent and a player must each submit his/her own pledge.  (Only one parent/caregiver is asked to watch and pledge, but both will be held to the expectations at State Cup.)

What is the deadline?

  • Spring 2017 Competition:  Friday, May 19th @ Midnight




  1. Good sportsmanship requires reminders and practice.
  2. The pursuit of winning a championship and practicing good sportsmanship is not mutually exclusive and should be reflected in our State Championship competition.  
  3. The Iowa State Cup is our highest level competition.  The competition level is not that of a league game and the event isn't a run-of-the-mill tournament.  Everyone should strive to set this event apart and that includes expectations of improved sportsmanship.

Video & Pledge Instructions

Alliance 4 All is designed to be delivered online, with pledges then submitted electronically.  However, I know that not all teams have families with access to computers/internet.  If you need an alternative, please contact me.  Team coordinators are only responsible for informing players, parents and coaches of this requirement.  The responsibility to comply lies with each individual.
Directors of Coaching, even if you aren't coaching a team, you're expected to watch the coach video and submit a pledge.  Coaches, if you coach multiple teams, you'll only need to submit one pledge.
Once you get to the Alliance 4 All homepage, select your resepctive video -- coach, player, parent or referee.
  • Watch your video (you're welcome to watch others!)
  • When the video is done, you'll automatically be redirected to an A4A resource page.
    • On the resource page, click on your respective A4A Code of Conduct, found under the heading "STEP 1".
  • When finished reading your code, return to the A4A resource page, go to STEP 2 and click on "Iowa State Cup".  From there, you'll be redirected to the A4A State Cup Pledge webpage where you'll submit your pledge electronically.
  • In all it should take around 10 minutes to view, read and submit.
I sincerely appreciate your time to do this part of practicing better sportsmanship.  Thank you.

How do I watch my online module?

Click on the module listed below!



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