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Learn how to get games, contact an assignor, and check for field closings during the Spring and Fall ISL Seasons here.

Iowa Soccer League Matches


The Iowa Soccer League (ISL) is a critical part of the Iowa Soccer player development pathway and competitions pathway. The ISL was created to serve the developmental needs of youth soccer players in Iowa and is unique in that it is guided by one overarching focus – player development. The ISL strives to be in full alignment with the US Soccer Player Development Initiatives (PDI).

ATTENTION REFEREES: Check the List of Open Games after 10:00 a.m. every Tuesday through Thursday during the season for ISL games needing officials. Just because you request a game does not mean that it is still available or that you will necessarily be assigned to that particular game.

CANCELLATIONS: Go to Facility Status – League Play for notification of closed fields affecting ISL games.

How to Get Games


In order to be assigned to referee soccer matches in Iowa, you must get in contact with a USSF certified Referee Assignor. You should have been given a list of local assignors during your entry-level referee course.

It is your responsibility to contact your local assignor and let him/her know that you are a certified official and are ready to work games. Most assignors will want to know your availability so be ready with the list of dates and times that you are/are not available to work matches when you contact them. Also, be sure to let them know of a reliable way to contact you in case of last-minute schedule changes. Many assignors will assign games on a week-by-week basis so be sure to ask what the procedure is for getting games in the future. As a USSF certified referee, you are an independent contractor and as such may work for any assignor, but it is your responsibility to contact them for games.

As a new soccer official, you should be prepared to work mainly as an Assistant Referee or as a Referee on the younger age groups until the assignor is able to identify your abilities to handle more difficult games. Do not be discouraged if your first season is spent doing "little kids" as all referees go through this process of development. If you have the opportunity to work with more experienced referees, be sure to ask them any questions you might have as their advice will come in handy when you receive harder assignments.

Become an Assignor


Contact the State Director of Assignment, Lou Agocs, for information on becoming a USSF certified Referee Assignor.

Contact an Assignor


It is recommended that you work for an assignor nearby so that he/she can help you to improve your refereeing abilities. If you do not know who the assignor(s) are in your area or are unsure where to get games, then complete the form below. It will be e-Mailed to the State Director of Assignment, Lou Agocs. All areas of the form must be filled out unless indicated otherwise.


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