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Concussion Management

In recent years, research has revealed the depth of the impact concussions have both in the short- and long-term and on athletes of all ages.  As a result, there’s been an improvement in how head injuries are handled from the time of injury.  Arguably, the single most important step is to collectively change the culture around head injuries.
Here are the basics you should know about head injuries:
1.  All concussions are serious
2.  Most concussions occur without loss of consciousness.
3.  Third, recognition and proper response to concussions when they first occur can help prevent further injury or even death
US Soccer and Iowa Soccer
In January 2016 the United States Soccer Federation (US Soccer) introduced its concussion management initiative which is included as a section of its Recognize to Recover program.  Iowa Soccer had simultaneously been developing its Concussion Management Policy, which includes standards US Soccer set, and earlier in 2016 our Board of Directors gave it final approval.
Our policy includes mandatory coach education and testing, and a return to play protocol that involves coaches, clubs, referees, parents, medical personnel and Iowa Soccer.  The policy details the expectations of everyone involved, the requirements to be in compliance and the processes to implement the policy.  
Responsibility = Iowa Soccer #team
Educating participants and managing safety is the right thing to do. We’ve led the way by introducing education, testing and procedures, but #team participation will determine the outcome of actual player safety.  Iowa Soccer staff is here as a resource.  After reading the policy, viewing the member education video and checking out the resource links, contact us if there’s anything we can do to help.

Information and Resources
Concussion Management Policy
Member Education Video
Get an overview, then select the section(s) that apply to you


General Resources


Center for Disease Control (CDC) Resources


Downloads for Coaches
"Possible Concussion Notification Form" and "Concussion Procedures and Protocol"




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