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>> COMMUNICATIONS: Where do I find all the communications released by Iowa Soccer?


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>> What is the suspension of play date and could we resume play earlier?

April 30, 2020 is now the date through which we have suspended all youth club and adult league activity

  • No, play would not begin prior to the suspension date under any circumstances


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>> Billing: I run a member club or adult league. Will we get a refund from Iowa Soccer this spring if we don't play?


  • Please hear that we will take a common-sense approach to any billing to youth clubs or adult leagues for they would typically owe Iowa Soccer for a season of play (league and tournament entry fees, registration fees, background check fees...).


  • We were to have engaged our regular billing cycle on April 21, 2020 for Spring 2020 activity including player/coach registration and competition entry fees.
  • As of mid-March, we have not billed any spring registrations or entry fees and will not engage the April cycle in order to help youth clubs and adult leagues better manage their cash flow.
  • Once we better understand what the spring playing schedule looks like, we will re-evaluate what a billing process and timeline will look like.


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>> My club or team plays in an Iowa Soccer League (State, Academy Central/East, Rec Central/Northeast). When will we know what our spring season may look like?

Returning to play this spring
  • Given the need for organizations to prepare fields/facilities and for coaches to connect with teams/families, with play suspended through April 30, that means the return to play date is May 1 (which falls on a Friday).
    • Therefore in this scenario, the earliest Iowa Soccer League games would start is May 9 (a Saturday a week later).
    • Going forward this spring, we’ll use a guideline of having no fewer than five days between the date we can return to play and the date league play kicks off. 
  • We want to get games going just as much as you do.  We’ve been working on different playing options based on different dates we could play again with the hope we can play a league-type schedule this spring (more on league schedule below).  We’re also working on alternative ways players, teams and coaches could participate based on later return to play dates.
  • Regarding spring 2020 league schedules
    • The normal scheduling process was completed earlier as if we would have been able to play on each league’s respective opening weekend.  So, schedules exist that could be engaged once we get the all clear.  To avoid any confusion, we will not publish these schedules at the current time.
    • Be aware that these schedules were based upon all the play dates published by each league (State, Rec, Academy) during the scheduling process, so those play dates remain the same as of March 31.
    • The idea is that the schedule would pick up on the date games would resume.
We please ask that you exercise patience with our organization and with your local club leadership as we collectively work through the full impact on the spring season.
  • Please keep in mind, Iowa Soccer runs statewide, regional and local leagues for ages ranging from 8U through 19U, all of which have unique aspects and characteristics that could result in different outcomes for each league.
This situation is unprecedented and while our goal is for the beautiful game to be played across the state this spring, we ask for understanding and patience surrounding our efforts to develop and communicate solutions.

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>> Can my youth or adult team still practice/train?

NO.  Iowa Soccer is not sanctioning any activity, so if you do engage and an incident occurs, it will not be covered.  Please do your part and abide by the suspension of ALL activity!



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>> My club runs a 10U and/or younger league within my club or with a handful of other clubs. Is this league banned from competition?

YES, this league is prohibited from playing


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>> My club and/or adult organization runs a league involving large numbers of teams and/or clubs in our area of the state. Must our youth or adult league suspend play at this time?

YES, your league must suspend play.  This includes adult league play.


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>> I am a parent of a player(s) and/or a coach of a team(s) or I play in an adult league. Will I get a refund this spring?

We appreciate that there is a financial component to this unprecedented fight to slow the spread of the virus.  In our over 30 years of history, no one associated with Iowa Soccer can recall a time when we were faced with the possibility that an entire soccer season would be abbreviated, at best, or at worst, cancelled entirely.

  • If you have questions about fees paid to your club or adult league, a small portion of which covers any team fees for participating in Iowa Soccer Leagues (State, Academy Central/East, Rec Central/Northeast) or our Cups/Festivals (State Cup, Presidents Cup, Academy Festival, Rec Cup), or if you're an adult player, your player registration fee, we humbly ask that you please be patient with our organization and with your local club or adult league leadership as we collectively work though the full impact on the spring season.


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>> Where do I follow Iowa Soccer on Social Media?

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