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D. Camp Registration


2016 D. Camp Information

Please read all details on this page and if you have additional questions, hit Jenny with an email!  
  • Dates @ Grinnell College
    • July 23-26 Boys' D. Camp
    • July 26-29 Girls' D. Camp
  • Birth Year Eligibility
    • Birth years 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Fee
    • $320
  • Birth year exceptions?  NO!
    • This camp is organized by birth year and usually fills each year with players of the eligible birth years.  As both sessions usually fill, I will not make an exception that will take away a spot for a player of an eligible birth year.  I understand this may not be the answer you want to hear, but when your child is of the eligible birth years, he/she will be assured I will not give his/her spot to a player who is not.
    • After camp registration closes and if the session is not full, you may contact me about possible openings or birth year exceptions.  I will keep a running total of registered campers below.

2016 D. Camp Registration

  • Online-only camp registration opens February 17, 2016
    • Advice...if you know camp is a go, please don't delay registering.  Campers are accepted as their registrations come in.  After we reach 180 campers, we'll keep a waitlist.
    • Each year is different and I may go through all waitlist names, or only a handful.  If you make it on the waitlist, hang in there!

Maximum registration: 180 per camp

  • Each camp is capped at 180 campers.  Once registration opens, I'll keep a running total of number of registrations here so you know how close camp is to being filled.
  • Birth year exceptions?  Nope.  Please refer to explanation above


As of February 22, 2016 10:15am
Boys' Registrations (180 max)

Please don't be discouraged that the boys' camp is full.  Each year I have to go to the waitlist as families face changes between February and summer.  PLEASE REGISTER FOR THE WAITLIST -- CLICK LINK BELOW and you'll be taken to that option.

Girls' Registrations (180 max)

Please don't be discouraged that girls' camp is full.  Each year I have to go to the waitlist as families face changes between February and summer.  PLEASE REGISTER FOR THE WAITLIST -- CLICK LINK BELOW and you'll be taken to that option.


After D. Camps fill, you'll be able to register for the waitlist, so just follow the registration link (bottom of page).  We always go into our waitlist, so don't be discouraged if that ends up being your only option!  How deep on the list we go always varies, so I can't make guarantees; but each year kids on the waitlist get in as spots open.


Registration opens February 17, 2015 and closes May 11 at 11:59pm.  Birth year exceptions will not be made straight away! 
  • Total camp fee is $320, which includes a $75 non-refundable deposit.  The deposit is the minimum paid to be considered registered for camp.
  • The online-only camp registration allows for different forms of payment: credit card, e-check, or mailing in your check within a week of registering online.
    • In addition, the online camp registration system will allow you to set up installment payments on the date(s) of your choosing by credit card or e-check.  You also have the option to pay any remaining balance by mailing your check payment.
  • Balance is due on/by Friday, June 3, 2016
  • Please contact Jenny right away if you want to inquire about a scholarship.

Refund Policy

Please note the $75 deposit is non-refundable.

  • Through June 3
    • Refund of camp fee amount you paid, less the $75 deposit.
    • If you only paid the $75 deposit, it is non-refundable.
  • After June 3
    • Refund of amount you paid, less the $75 deposit, only if
      • a camper comes off the waitlist to take your child's spot, or
      • if a waitlist camper does not (or there is no longer a waitlist), you find a camper to take your child's spot.


Roommate Requests -- don't submit until requested mid-June

  • You will be contacted in mid-June -- after the balance dues are settled -- to submit your roommate request via an online form
  • Only two campers to a room!
  • Make sure you coordinate with the parent of your request, because...the stories I could tell...


Camp communication updates

  • All camp communications go to you via email.  Sometimes, though, emails bounce or get blocked.
  • Communications will include
    • Upon completing registration, an automatic confirmation of your camp registration, including the amount you paid.
    • Automatic balance due reminders, if you have one.
    • Roommate request email.
    • Confirmation of dorm assignment, roommate and reminder to go to the D. Camp preparations webpage to get ready for camp!

Once Registered

  • If you did not pay the full camp fee upon first registering, your balance will be due Friday, June 5.
  • After the balance due deadline has passed, I'll contact you via email for your roommate request.
  • As camp gets closer, I'll send you another email confirming your roommate and the name of your dorm.
  • Camp preparation details can be found on the D. Camp Preparation page.



Link goes live February 17!



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