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Developmental Camp -- What is this D. Camp thing?

Returning in 2022!
Unfortunately, we are not able to host D-Camp in summer of 2021. Our fantastic hosts, Grinnell College will not be accommodating external parties this summer due to COVID-19. We are currently regrouping on other non-residential opportunities/ camps for our members! We will be in touch in the coming weeks.
Iowa Soccer's Developmental Camp is intensive and includes technical, tactical and physiological components, as well as information on nutrition and injury prevention.  It is an overnight camp where players are housed in modern dorms (with air conditioning).  Technical and tactical sessions are done during the day, while intra-camp competitions are held at night.  With that, the coaches and chaperones also make sure camp is fun -- just ask any camper who has been there!  Or better yet, see for yourself in these videos!
"D. Camp" as it's known, is organized by birth year, unlike your regular-season teams which are organized by age group. Organizing camp by birth year or by age group doesn't provide an exact fit as there will be some players not eligible for camp, while their teammates are. But we have to make a distinction using one of the criteria and through the years, birth year organization has served camp well.

An overnight camp experience

Camp is a residential, overnight program held on the campus of Grinnell College.  Day camp exceptions are not given, as the overnight portion is part of the "development" part of "developmental".  Campers are housed two to a room in air conditioned dormitories.  After registration closes, you'll be asked for your roommate request, so don't submit until asked.  If you don't have one, we'll assign your child a roommate.
  • Campers must stay through the entire final day of camp.  Campers will not be given permission to leave early.

2020 D. Camp Information & Registration

Please read all details on this page and then hit the D. Camp Registration page.

2020 D. Camp Dates & Eligible Birth Years

  • July 25-28, 2020 - GIRLS
  • July 28-31, 2020 - BOYS
  • Eligible birth years for 2020 camp are 2006, 2007, 2008


  • Quality instruction from experienced and prepared coaches
  • Further one's development as a player, no matter your level or playing goals
  • Meet and compete -- and become friends with -- players from across the state
  • 4 days away from mom and dad having a blast!

The proof is in the pudding...or so I've heard!


Who should attend?

Camp is demanding, and it's always hot and humid, but that shouldn't deter any player who wants to find out how they stack up against their peers, or who is unsure where they want their soccer career to go.  This is a great opportunity for recreational through select players to be exposed to a higher level of coaching and expectations, to compete against some of the best players in the state, and to have fun while being challenged.

Parents, volunteer to be a chaperone!

One chaperone is assigned to every 16-18 players, plus we have a head and assistant head chaperone who aren't assigned a group and help the chaperone staff.
When you register your soccer player for camp, there will be a section to indicate your interest in being a chaperone.
  • Please note that for risk-management reasons, we only accept female chaperones for the girls' camps.
    • Female and male chaperones are accepted for the boy's camp.
  • Days are long (so are some nights!) and hot, so be forewarned.  Late July heat and humidity are in full effect!
  • Chaperones are not charged any camp fees.
  • You will be assigned a room on the same dorm floor as your child, but you do not room with your child.
  • On the first day of camp, we meet early, so you'll need to be able to get to Grinnell in time for the chaperone orientation meeting.  We also need you to be able to stay through all of the last day of camp.
  • We typically get more volunteers than we can use, so volunteering doesn't mean you're automatically selected.  Once we see where camp registration numbers are, we'll determine how many and who we need.
  • If selected, you'll need to pass a background check as part of our risk-management requirements.
  • If interested in being a chaperone -- and why wouldn't you want to volunteer to be hot, sweaty, tired and the mom or dad to 18 different kids at once -- check the "volunteer" box on the camp registration form.


Ok, already, I want to register my kid!  Now what?!

Excellent!  We have a full page devoted to registration details, and what you need to know to get ready for camp.



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