e-Sports FAQ

Q. Are games children friendly and non-violent?
A. We do not offer violent games. Our gaming club offers non-violent FIFA 20 games to complement kids' soccer development on the grass field as well as in the digital space. We will also explore other games such as Rocket League and more!  
Q. Who does my child play against?
A. The GDS Platform allows kids to safely play e-Sports games with kids in their current soccer club as well as other clubs affiliated with your State Soccer Association. Our gaming club offers a fun & safe digital environment where children represent their clubs while competing against their peers, (people you know) from clubs they compete with on the grass leagues.
Q.  When do the seasons run?
A. Upcoming 2021 Seasons
  • Winter, January 11-March 7
  • Spring, April-June
  • Summer, July-September
Q. Do you provide copies of the video games?
A. No, we do not provide copies of any games, they must be purchased and owned by the players.
Q. Are there coaches or adult events that parents can participate in?
A. Yes!  There is great desire among coaches, referees & adults to participate in a community weeklies or tournaments among themselves. We see this as a great opportunity to enhance the coaching fraternity and to further engagement in the overall soccer community.
Q. The system is prompting me to download Discord, should I?
A. The Discord ID is optional for players that have it and is NOT required to participate in any leagues.
Q. How do I set up a match versus my opponent in FIFA 20 for XBox?
How to setup a match versus your opponent in FIFA 20
  • Start up FIFA 20 on your console
  • Navigate to the online tab 
  • Select “online friendlies” 
  • Select “new friendly season”
  • Select your opponents gamer tag and invite them. 
Under the settings tab ensure the following settings are applied before starting your match: 
  • Half Length: 15 minutes
  • Controls: Any
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Squad Type: 85 overall