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FAQ's: U.S. Soccer Connect

Questions And Answers

Why is U.S. Soccer asking for citizenship and country of birth?

These are questions that are mandated by FIFA/USSF, as they are tracking the demographics of players that are participating in other countries and using this in the facilitation of ITC (International Transfer Clearance) approvals.

Here is the website outlining the transfer process from US Soccer, which some of it depends on the age of the players:

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Is U.S. Soccer Connect a web app or client install?

U.S. Soccer Connect is a web application. It also has a mobile function component available through for the TeamConnect product.

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Can we create a report of what we need and export to excel?

Yes. Every report is customizable and you will have the ability to create your own. Everything can then be exported into Excel.

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Does US Soccer Connect have select tryout management software that handles the tryouts to invite/decline, email, registration?

Yes! You will be able to set up tryout registrations with a fee just for the tryout, communicate to your tryout registrations via email, send out team invites and declines to those that completed the tryout, establish acceptance fees for those that did make the team, and even set up payment plans.  

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Should club registrars have the parents upload a new copy of the proof of age?

We would suggest parents upload a new copy into their player registration. That will absolutely be an option in the new system, and one that we will encourage all clubs to do.

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Will bulk registration still be allowed at the 8U and younger age groups?

Yes! The bulk registration option will still be available for all Iowa Soccer affiliate clubs at the 8U and younger age groups.

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Is there a fee per registration when a family pays the club via a check payment?

No. There is only a fee processed for those that pay via a credit card payment.

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What is the fee structure for U.S. Soccer Connect online payments?

Registration - $ 0.00 per registration

Processing - 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction

Automated Monthly Payment Plan - $2.00 per payment 

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Once all of the kids are in the US Soccer Connect system, will we need to verify birth certificates again?

Yes, unfortunately that process will have to be done again in the new system for all players. Parents will be able to upload the proof of age directly into the registration and club registrars will be able to verify that proof of age.

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