Focusing on the methodology of teaching in order to optimize the learning process for referees, the FIFA FUTURO modules provide new teaching materials and learning tools on current interpretations and applications of the Laws of the Game. All of these modules are available at the US Soccer Resource Center in the FUTURO Teaching Material & Practical Exercises Box folder. You can download and unZip any of these files onto your PC or Mac for study (referee) or classroom use (instructor).

National Camp:

Resources include – A Fouls and Misconduct Video Test containing 30 different scenarios where "you make the call" and an Offside Video Test featuring 20 other situations where a player may or may not be guilty of an Offside infraction.


NOTE: The Fouls and Misconduct Video Test requires 2 GB of memory and the Offside Video Test requires 787 MB of memory. A High Speed Internet connection is recommended to download.