Final Paperwork



Final Paperwork Deadlines for 2017 Iowa Soccer Championship Series

  • Fall 2017 competition, 15U - 19U
    • by 3:00pm
    • Friday, September 29th, 2017
  • Spring 2018 competition, 13U - 14U
    • by 3:00pm
    • Friday, May 11th, 2018

Forms and Roster you'll need to turn in

There are two excel forms you'll need to open, complete and save as EXCEL files, and one .pdf that you will get from your registrar.
Do NOT fill out and submit these forms if/until your coach has determined there will not be any roster changes.  Many coaches wait to make final roster decisions until close to the Final Paperwork deadline, so be in communication with him/her on the roster status.
  1. National Championships (and Game) Roster -- excel file
  2. Verification of Eligibility Form -- excel file
  3. "Iowa Soccer Approved" Roster -- .pdf file from your club registrar (sample approved roster)


Instructions for submitting your Final Paperwork via online form (no emails!)

  1. Do NOT submit these until you know there will not be any (more) roster changes!
  2. Do NOT email your forms to me!!
  3. Your forms will be submitted by uploading them via a form.


Additional Information:

  • Parking Fees:  Cownie Soccer Complex, $175 Team Parking Fee (Pay Online Here)
  • Hotel Information:  Coming Soon!