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Honor Roll


Many Iowans have been recognized over the years for their accomplishments, hard work, and dedication in the areas of refereeing, referee development, and administration. This page honors those individuals who have been so recognized.

FIFA Referees
  Terry Vaughn (2004-2014) Katja Koroleva (2014-present)

Professional Referees
  Terry Vaughn (2001-2014) Katja Koroleva (2013-present)
  Landis Wiley (2009-2010) Hidajet Tica (2009-2010)
  Faith Rossi (2001-2003) Doug Jotzke (2001-2003)

USSF National Referees (Grade 3)
  Esad Omanovic (2022)  
  Terry Vaughn (1998-2004) Katja Koroleva (2012-2014)
  Lance Mesman (2012-2014) Landis Wiley (2008-2010)
  Dan Cataldi (2007-2010) Hidajet Tica (2006-2010)
  Faith Rossi (2002-2004) Doug Jotzke (2000-2008)

USSF National Assistant Referees (Grade 4)
  Justin Mack (2015-present) Eric Wood (2019)

USSF National Coach
  Shane Smith  

Major League Soccer
  Terry Vaughn (2001-2013) Landis Wiley (2010-2011)

  Terry Vaughn (2001-2003) Katja Koroleva (2011-present)
  Faith Rossi (2001-2003)  

  Terry Vaughn Landis Wiley
  Hidajet Tica Doug Jotzke
  Faith Rossi  

Iowa Adult Referee of the Year
  Esad Omanovic (2021) Amos Purcell (2019)
  Royce Van Roekel (2018) Rob Sorey (2017)
  Landis Wiley (2008) Hidajet Tica (2007)
  Doug Jotzke (2006) Dan Waskel (2005)
  Naser Sinanovic (2004) Phil Sinnwell (2002)
  Faith Rossi (2000)  

Region 2 Adult Referee of the Year
  Rob Sorey (2018) Landis Wiley (2008)
  Faith Rossi (2000)  

National Adult Referee of the Year
  Faith Rossi (2000)  

NISOA - Rose Bernabei Award
  Faith Rossi (2005)  

Iowa Youth Referee of the Year
  Ella Anliker (2021) Jacob Stevens (2021)
  Morgan Wickman (2019) Blake Read (2019)
  Lindsey Alexander (2018) Matt Neuhalfen (2018)
  Nejra Vatres (2017) Tyler Franke (2017)
  Miranda Thelen (2015) Jake Larson (2015)
  Mark Jackson (2006) Ramsey Tesdell (2005)
  Ryan Rink (2004) Audra Robinson (2004)
  Chris Civitate (2003) Katja Koroleva (2002)
  Landis Wiley (2001) Tyler Eason (2000)
  Mike Post (1999) Terry Vaughn (1995)

Amateur / Adult Tournament Appointments
  Terry Vaughn Doug Jotzke
  Justin Mack  

Nike Friendlies Tournament
  Hidajet Tica Doug Jotzke

Adidas International Friendlies
  Terry Vaughn  

Region 2 Amateur Championships
  Terry Vaughn  Doug Jotzke
  Faith Rossi Dan Waskel
  Naser Sinanovic Dan Cataldi
  Hidajet Tica Landis Wiley
  Lance Mesman Tom McCulloh
  Trent Payne Chad Sussex
  Kevin Mesman  

US Youth Soccer National Championships
  Terry Vaughn (1995, 1998) Mike Lucht (1999)
  Faith Rossi (2000) Landis Wiley (2001, 2006, 2007)
  Hidajet Tica (2004) Dan Cataldi (2005)
  Katja Koroleva (2006, 2009) Lance Mesman (2008)
  Kevin Zhang (2009) Justin Mack (2009-AR, 2010-AR)
  Trent Payne (2012) Jack Feldman (2013)
  Tyler Turner (2013, 2014) Kristina Nikl (2014)
  Royce Van Roekel (2016) Jake Larson (2018)

US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup
  Kelly Dunbar (2012) Kristina Nikl (2012)

US Soccer Development Academy National Finals
  Katja Koroleva (2011-R) Justin Mack (2010-AR)
  Landis Wiley (2008-R)  

ODP National Finals
  Tyler Turner (2010-Boys) Landis Wiley (2003-Boys)
  Katja Koroleva (2005-Girls) Royce Van Roekel (2012)

US Soccer Development Academy - Assessors
  Shane Smith (2009) Phil Watson (2010)

Emeritus Referees
  Faith Rossi Phil Sinnwell
  Cary Bryant Bob Osborne
  Craig Nelsen Dan Redmond
  Faith Rossi Mike Lucht
  Bob Heitman, Sr. Bryan Foster
  Phil Watson R. C. (Chip) Walaska
  Okey Abara Greg Annexstad
  Dan Cataldi Dan Cawley
  George Clavenna Miguel Deleon
  John Dodge Rod Dougherty
  Jerry Fannon Amir Hadzic
  Rich Hudnut Tony McCarthey
  Lance Mesman Mike Palmer
  Mike Post Shane Smith
  Lee Tesdell Terry Vaughn
  Landis Wiley  

Iowa Soccer Hall of Fame
  Terry Vaughn (IHSAA) Bonnie Larson (ISA)
  Greg Annexstad (IHSAA)  

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