The purpose of these Instruction pages is to provide easy access to resources and references in the form of Publications, Video Resources, and Training & Tests for all Iowa soccer referees. Check here for FIFA FUTURO, HUDL Highlights, Recertification Modules, Just-in-Time Training for major youth tournaments, and Study Guides – Quizzes and Flashcards.

The intent is to be a 'one stop shop' where information integrated from Box, YouTube, Brainshark, EasyTestMaker, and Flashcard Machine can be found quickly and/or downloaded easily.

Professional Referee Organization (PRO) video analysis and Refereeing Assistance Programme (RAP) learning modules are also featured.

IFAB Smartphone App


The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has a Smartphone App. This first ever official app FREE from the IFAB allows you to:

• read the full Laws of the Game on your mobile device online and offline,
• see all the recent changes (with explanations),
• compare this year’s new Laws with last year’s Laws, and
• add your own notes / comments and create favorite chapters.

The App is available for both iPhone (App Store) and Android (Google Store).

Professional Referee Organization (PRO) – The Definitive Angle

The Definitive Angle is PRO’s weekly analysis into the use of Video Review in Major League Soccer (MLS). Sometimes the same videos can be seen at MLS Instant Replay with a different perspective. Situations where the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) may intervene include:
Penalty Kicks
Red Cards
Mistaken Identity
Goal / No Goal
In addition, PRO Manager of Senior Assistant Referees and Video Review Operations, Greg Barkey, takes a closer look at the week’s Video Review use in the MLS at Inside Video Review.

RAP UEFA 2021:1 Module

The Refereeing Assistance Programme (RAP) UEFA 2021:1 Module has been released.


You can download the RAP UEFA 2021:1 Module to a PC or Mac from Labhipermedia (source for many of the FIFA FUTURO Modules) via the Dutch Referee Blog. Unfortunately, macOS Catalina and Big Sur users will be unable to run this 32 bit app without purchasing the Mulppy app for ≈ $6.00.

After you watch a video, hover near the bottom of the slide and click on INFO to read the Decision, get an Explanation, or view what the VAR saw.

SUGGESTION: These modules are great for independent study during the off season and even better for group discussion at monthly referee association meetings. Have one of the association instructors or assessors facilitate the session using the FIFA Considerations.

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