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Insurance Coverage and Forms



Youth soccer-related insurance information

Coverage and Certificate
Filing Your Claim

Beginning 2020-2021 seasonal years, all players will be required to have at minimum the Iowa Soccer Required Waiver of Liability signed by a parent guardian and on file with the club. Our recommendation is that all clubs use the USYS Medical Release waiver linked below as this includes both the Iowa Soccer Waiver of Liability and pertinent medical information for the player.
  • REQUIRED Iowa Soccer Medical Waiver - new for 2020-2021 season
    • Demosphere clubs automatically have this waiver within registration
    • Non-Demosphere clubs will need to do one of two options:
      1. Insert language into their online registration waivers for parent/guardians to accept
      2. Collect and store signed, hard copies of this waiver (or USYS Medical Release Waiver below)
  • USYS Medical Waiver Release 
    • This may be used in place of the required waiver of liability as it includes the required language that must be accepted by every player's parent/guardian and pertinent medical information.
    • Demosphere clubs have option of using this form within online registration. Reach out for support. 

Adult soccer-related insurance information

The primary component of the US Adult Soccer Association (USASA) Risk Management Program is the package of insurance coverage’s that is purchased on behalf of the member players, Teams, Leagues, and state and national organization. This comprehensive plan protects members, member teams and leagues and USASA in the event of claims arising out of activities organized by your team, league or state or national organization. The Accident policy covers medical and dental expenses during sanctioned amateur soccer activities. The General Liability policy protects members and USASA in the event they are sued for incidents involving bodily injury or property damage resulting from an amateur soccer activity.

These high limit policies provide excellent protection to the organization and go a long way to reduce out-of-pocket-loss by USASA members. To the extent the General Liability Policy does not adequately protect your organization based on the local needs you face, the USASA insurance program can be expanded locally to add additional coverage for reasonable fees.
Details and forms can be accessed on the US Adult Soccer website at the following links:

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