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Iowa Soccer e-Sports

New Opportunity this Fall  |  e-Sports League Play

We have officially entered into an agreement with Global Digital Sports to help us develop an esports program for our state.  Consistent with the grass model, each of our clubs receives a custom Club Portal on their esports platform so that you can begin to register your players for esports events and content and you can operate your own leagues and tournaments as well.

In order to launch this program, Iowa Soccer has formed a statewide esports league and tournament for the video game FIFA ‘20.  The Iowa eCup will open registration on Monday, August 31st and the league will begin on Monday, September 14th. Players will participate in two games per week while representing their Club and after five weeks of competition, our top players will move into a final Championship for us to determine our first-ever state champions.

  • More information on how you can claim your Club Portal is below, but first, we ask that you help us gather important information about your players by distributing this survey to your members via your email lists and social media.  This survey will help us select the best titles for future events and understand how to best serve your players with digital entertainment options even after the Covid pandemic gets in the rear view mirror.


Why is Iowa Soccer developing an esports program?
With the COVID restrictions, this has revealed itself to be an excellent way to get our kids playing and competing with each other from the safety of their own homes.  Even after we return to our normal play, we see numerous benefits to an esports program that can drive more player engagement and possibly widen our audience.  We believe this can become a new revenue driver for both the state and our clubs as well.

What ages can participate?
With online play, we have child privacy regulations that currently allow us to create events for players older than 13.  Our partners at GDS are developing an online solution that will respect COPPA laws and allow for 12 and under play, and we anticipate having more information to share on that this summer.

Why did we select this vendor for esports?
GDS has created a platform that emphasizes player safety and risk mitigation, which is essential for our game.  They are also working to develop the platform in a way that mirrors our grass environment and are helping with the operational logistics.

How do I claim my Club's portal?
Visit our state association conference page and click on the name of your Club Program.  There, you will find a “Claim this Organization” button.  You will need to create a free account and complete the Claim process, and the GDS team will formally approve your access and reach out to you with further training and next steps.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Zach Roberts ( or our project coordinator with Global Digital Sports, Gaby Alegria (  Thanks!  ZACH



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