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Clubs in GDMJSL, Fall 2015

(team count in League)

Adel (11)
Altoona (7)
Ames (5)
Ballard (6)
Bondurant (13)
Carlisle (7)
Colfax-Mingo (5)
Collins-Maxwell-Baxter (4)
Colo (1)
Dallas Center Grimes (16)
Dowling (4)
Earlham (3)
Heart of Iowa (8)

Indianola (6)
Iowa Rush (22)
J-Hawk (3)
Johnston (17)
Knoxville (6)
Madrid (4)

Mahaska County (1)
Marshalltown (3)
Nevada (9)
Newton (7)
North Polk (14)
Northwest (16)
Norwalk (7)
Panorama (4)
Pella (8)
Perry (7)
Pleasant Hill (11)
Soccer South (5)
Soccer West (8)
Southwest Iowa (1)
Urbandale (13)
Van Meter (1)
Vision Soccer Academy (12)
West Central Valley (7)
West Des Moines (20)
Winterset (7)


Additional reference material

Iowa Soccer Level 3 League - Greater Des Moines area


Collaboration, Proposal Development, Timeline

Iowa Soccer member clubs that play in the Greater Des Moines Junior Soccer League (GDMJSL) have indicated they want to hear a proposal from Iowa Soccer regarding a recreational level league (level 3 and including level 2).  We’re invited to the November 10 Greater Des Moines Junior Soccer League meeting to present the proposal.
On September 30, 2015 we emailed a communication to over 2,200 Iowa Soccer members who participate in the Greater Des Moines Junior Soccer League (GDMJSL) – coaches, board members, presidents and registrars.
Our message covered:
  • At GDMJSL's request, we would be making a presentation at its November 10 meeting regarding an Iowa Soccer Level 3 league in the Greater Des Moines area
  • Sharing our plans to collaborate with members via focus groups so that members would have input into and help develop a proposal
  • Giving our commitment to provide information to our members through the process
  • Providing history on the League and Iowa Soccer
  • Outlining Level 3 Leagues we currently operate
  • An open call to action to participate in our focus groups
While we have a vision for Level 3 leagues, and are currently operating them in the state, collaboration with and input from our members in developing this proposal is essential.  Therefore, in the last four weeks we’ve worked in partnership with our members so that their input is reflected in the proposal.  Through October 28, we’ve had five focus group meetings.

Focus Groups -- open call to participate
We formed five total focus groups.  Three focus groups were organized by the number of teams each club has playing in the League Fall 2015:  small, medium and medium-to-large; the fourth was registrars; the fifth group was participants from the initial four focus groups so we could have continuity.  An invitation to join a focus group was emailed to over 2,200 GDMJSL participants (club presidents and boards, directors of coaching, registrars, U11-above coaches); each groups’ size was kept to 6-8 people and a respond-by deadline was used in order to keep the group formation process on track.
  • 19 different clubs had representation at five focus group meetings
  • ranged in size from team count of 1 (smallest in GDMJSL) to 22 (largest in GDMJSL)
As of November 2, 2015
The results of the five focus group meetings will form the foundation of our initial proposal for an Iowa Soccer Level 3 league in the area.  In keeping with our commitment to communicate with members throughout our process, we’re providing the results of those meetings publicly on this webpage.

Focus Group Meeting Guides
Iowa Soccer has communicated consistently to each group and to league leaders that our proposal will not be to take over the GDMJSL.  We’re building a proposal from the ground-up, with members having input.  At each meeting discussion was guided by three topics:  characteristics you would like to see in an Iowa Soccer Level 3 league; challenges faced in the GDMJSL; concerns about an Iowa Soccer Level 3 league.  Please reference the meeting guides as follows:
Focus Groups Meeting Summaries
Following the meeting, a summary of our discussion was provided on google docs and each participant was asked to review and if okay, sign off on the summary; and if not, to make suggestions.  The following reflect the status of these summaries as of November 1.
Focus Group Results
Taking input and ideas that came from the collaboration, our staff is now preparing an initial proposal that we’ll present November 10.  Before then, we will email the initial proposal to clubs' board members so that what they hear presented that evening will not come as a surprise and will reflect the desired characteristics revealed through the focus groups.  We will also post the initial proposal on this webpage.

Initial proposal
What we present November 10 will be a reflection of member input, feedback and desires that have been developed to-date and which will reflect our mission to “provide soccer opportunities”.  We are intentional in describing the proposal as “initial” as we will seek additional member input after presenting in order to shape a final proposal.  The one thing in the proposal that is set is that if the league becomes a reality, the first season offered is Fall 2016.
November 10, 7:30-8:00pm @ Grimes Community Center – Initial Proposal
We have been placed on the agenda from 7:30-8pm at which time we’ll present our initial proposal and if there is time, answer questions.  We encourage multiple members of your board to join us at the meeting to hear first-hand our initial proposal.  We understand boards will need to discuss the initial proposal following this presentation, and that they'll likely have questions or concerns about it, so the more who can be there November 10, the better it will help conversations within your club.

After November 10 -- December 6 Town Hall Meeting
In early December at a town hall meeting, we'll continue engaging and asking for input about the initial proposal that will guide us to a final version.  Please plan to join us:

Decision-making timeline
Following the December 6 town hall meeting, we’ll get the proposal into final form and we’ll forward it to club boards for consideration.  After then, we’ll communicate directly with each club to gauge support of the final proposal.  Any decision to launch an Iowa Soccer Level 3 league will be contingent upon having a critical mass of teams.  We expect this process to be wrapped by the end of the year with an announcement made regarding status shortly following.

Please contact us at any time with your thoughts, to express concerns, or to share additional ideas.  We value your input and it is always welcome.
Harold Kahler
Executive Director
515-252-6363 ext. 103

Jenny Wood
Director of Marketing & Communications
515-252-6363 ext. 104

Nancy Greenley
State Registrar/Office Manager
515-252-6363 ext. 101
Craig Winger
Director of Competitions
515-252-6363 ext. 106
Ask Focus Group Members
The following people participated in two meetings and are willing to share their thoughts on the collaboration they’ve been part of and the ideas that have come as a result.  Their viewpoints are their own, not their clubs’.  We’ve included their club and position in it only as a reference point.
Matt Crowl
Altoona (team count 7)
Melissa Johannes
Colo (team count 1)
Rick Drabek
Board Member
Bondurant (team count 13)
David VanHorn
Winterset (team count 7)
Candice Fabry
General Manager
Iowa Rush (team count 22)




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