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This private area of the site cannot be navigated to by normal means and is intended primarily for Iowa Referee Committee (IRC) members and Instructors. The former online Grade 8 Referee, Grade 7 Referee Instructor, and Grade 8 Assignor Courses in Brainshark, the information stored in our Box and Dropbox repositories, and the downloadable Instructor Resources from Labhipermedia are all accessible from this page.

Online Entry-Level Grade 8 Referee Course (OBSOLETE):

All the former Grade 8 Referee Course PowerPoint slides have been entered into Brainshark with numerous US Soccer Referee Department videos from the Laws of the Games Series interspersed.

Grade 8 Referee Course

Online Grade 7 Referee Instructor Course and Test (OBSOLETE):

This Instructor Course emphasizes the PEACE method of instruction focusing on Platform Skills, Engagement, Audience, Content, and Environment. The 50Q test is PEACE-based and is not a review of the LOTG.

Grade 7 Referee Instructor Course
Grade 7 Referee Instructor Test (Access Code: Instr7)

Online Grade 8 Assignor Course and Test (OBSOLETE):

Training for this course is specific to preparing Assignors to assign officials working small-sided and recreational youth games, competitive youth games, and games played at the amateur adult level, i.e., the assignment of Grade 9, 8, and 7 (Grassroots) referees. The 50Q test is heavily course-based.

Grade 8 Referee Assignor Course
Grade 8 Referee Assignor Test (Access Code: Assign8)

Box Access:

The Box contains ready-reference information organized for Administrators, Assessors, Assignors, and Instructors. Courses and Clinics, Exams, Presentations, Publications, Videos, et al. can be found in the SDI-IA folder.

SDI-IA folder

Dropbox Access:

Dropbox holds Advanced Referee Program (ARP) resources and the Iowa Referee Committee (IRC) Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Policies, and Executive Committee position descriptions. All FIFA FUTURO modules since 2011, Regional Training Seminar (RTS) presentations since 2009, and, Refereeing Assistance Programme (RAP) modules since 2016 are in the SDI-IA folder.

Advanced Referee Program (ARP) folder
Iowa Referee Committee (IRC) folder
SDI-IA folder


Source material for the annual FIFA FUTURO and bi-annual UEFA Refereeing Assistance Programme (RAP) modules can be found below. You can download and install these training resources directly to a PC or Mac.



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