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Fall Kohl's American Cup


The Kohl's US Youth Soccer American Cup offers recreational soccer players an opportunity to play in a high-quality tournament in a fun atmosphere, where the emphasis is placed on participation, rather than competition.

Iowa Soccer's US Youth Soccer Kohl's American Cup traditional team event, held in Altoona, for U07-U14 is a guaranteed three-game, round-robin format. Scores and standings are not kept in the U10-below divisions, and all participants receive a participation award. In U11-above divisions, semifinal and final matches are held, with members of the first- and second-place teams each receiving awards.
This US Youth Soccer event is the largest recreational youth soccer festival in the United States, boasting more than 65,000 participants. The Iowa Soccer Association has run a US Youth Soccer American Cup every year since 1992. Kohl's Department stores is the most recent national sponsor.

Team & Player Eligibility

This event is for Iowa Soccer member youth teams and players classified as Level 3.  You are not allowed to assemble a "tournament team roster" for this team competition or use non-Iowa Soccer member players.  The Kohl's American Cup is for the regular-season roster/team and each player must have a current US Youth Soccer player pass for that team.

Competition Dates, Formats/Age Groups

October 1-2, 2016
Spring Creek Sports Complex (Altoona)
Tournament Options
  • "Free Play Festival" for individual youth players in the U15-19 age groups
  • Traditional team competition for U07-U14


Individual Competition
U15-U19 Players:  Free Play Festival, held Saturday night on the turf under the lights

We know fall is a busy time for players in these age groups and so we're bringing back a popular option introduced in 2014 -- our "Free Play Festival".  We've designed a fun competition option that better fits the amount of time players in these age groups can commit to soccer on a fall weekend.

  • You enter as an individual player, so no worries about getting enough players for a team in order to be able to enter.
  • We will put you on teams of four to play 4v4.  Every game you play, you'll be rotated onto a different team of four.  You will be playing co-ed with all ages.
  • You win the competition as an individual, not a team!  We keep track of your points and at the end of the night, we'll name winners.
  • The competition will begin no earlier than 7:00pm on Saturday night.  You'll play on the turf field under the lights at Spring Creek Sports Complex in Altoona.
  • You'll play for about two hours.  We will compile individuals' results and name the winners at the end of the evening.
  • We'll also soon have an announcement about a brief but fun activity at the end of the night involving food!


Player Eligibility

  • Open to any currently-registered Iowa Soccer U15-U19 Level 3 (recreational) players
  • Entry is limited to the first 32 players who register!



  • $15 to enter; may pay by credit card or mail in a check
  • Click here to enter

Traditional Team Competition
U07 through U14

The team competition is intended for regular-season teams; you're not allowed to assemble a "tournament team roster" for this event.  There is a Guest Player Allowance that is designed to help ensure your regular season team can enter.  Click here for allowance details.

  • U07/08 Girls (4v4) play Saturday only:  $135
  • U07/08 Co-ed (4v4) play Sunday only:  $135
  • U09/10 Girls & Co-ed (6v6):  $165
  • U11/12 Girls & Co-ed (8v8):  $190
  • U13/14 Girls & Co-ed (11v11):  $240


Team Eligibility

  • Currently registered Iowa Soccer member teams (as of 2016-17 seasonal year), classified as Level 3
  • Each player on the team must have a current year US Youth Soccer player pass
  • This is for regular-season teams that play a regular-season schedule as a team; you are not allowed to assemble a "tournament team roster" for this competition
  • Understanding of and if utilized, compliance with the Guest Player Allowance


Guest Player Allowance



  • Entry fees as above; may pay by credit card or mail in a check
  • Click here to enter


U07-14 Rules

U07-14 Schedule & Map


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