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Fall Target United Cup




The US Youth Soccer Target United Cup offers recreational soccer players a high-quality tournament opportunity in a fun atmosphere, where the emphasis is placed on participation rather than competition.  This traditional team event is open to any Iowa Soccer Level 3 member team in the 7U - 19U age groups.  

Teams will play a round-robin format, with a minimum of three games guaranteed.  Scores and standings are not kept in the 10U & below age groups, with participants receiving a participation award.  In the 11U & above age groups, semifinal and final matches are held, with members of the first and second-place teams each receiving awards.

This US Youth Soccer event is the largest recreational youth soccer festival in the United States, boasting more than 65,000 participants. The Iowa Soccer Association has run a US Youth Soccer Sponsored Recreational event every year since 1992.

Competition Dates

October 7-8, 2017
Spring Creek Sports Complex
7600 NE 38th Avenue
Altoona, IA 50009


The team competition is intended for regular-season teams at the 7U-19U age groups; you're not allowed to assemble a "tournament team roster" for this event (see 7U-8U exception below).

  • 7U/8U Girls (4v4) plays 3 matches on Saturday only:  $120.00
  • 7U/8U Co-ed (4v4) plays 3 matches on Sunday only:  $120.00
  • 9U Girls & Co-ed (7v7):   $240.00
  • 10U Girls & Co-ed (7v7):  $240.00
  • 11U Girls & Co-ed (9v9):   $320.00
  • 12U Girls & Co-ed (9v9):  $320.00
  • 13U Girls & Co-ed (11v11):   $360.00
  • 14U Girls & Co-ed (11v11):  $360.00
  • 15U Girls & Co-ed (11v11):   $360.00
  • 16U Girls & Co-ed (11v11): $360.00
  • 19U Girls & Co-ed (11v11): $360.00


Team & Player Eligibility

  • Currently registered Iowa Soccer member teams (as of 2017-18 seasonal year), classified as Level 3
  • Each player on the team must have a current year US Youth Soccer player pass
  • This is for regular-season teams that play a regular-season schedule as a team; you are not allowed to assemble a "tournament team roster" for this competition or use non-Iowa Soccer member players.  The Target United Cup is for the regular-season roster/team and each player must have a current US Youth Soccer player pass for that team.
    • 7U-8U Girls & Co-ed Exception:  If your club utilizes the bulk registration or "festival" options for its 7U-8U age groups, then coaches may submit an event roster.  Maximum roster size of 6 is still in effect.


Guest Player Allowance


Team Entry

  • Entry fees as above; may pay by credit card or mail in a check
  • Click here to go to Tourney Machine online registration page
  • Team entry closes on Wednesday, September 20th at midnight


Target United Cup SCHEDULE


Target United Cup RULES


Spring Creek Sports Complex



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