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Fall 2016 Timeline

July 1
July 15
Aug 26
Sept. 10-11
Sept. 17-18
Sept. 24-25
Oct. 1-2
Oct. 8-9
Oct. 15-16
Oct. 22-23
Oct. 29-30
Nov. 5-6
Team entry opens
Team entry closes
Schedules released no later than
Opening, Weekend 1
Weekend 2
Weekend 3
BYE - Kohl's American Cup
Weekend 4
Weekend 5
Weekend 6
Final, Weekend 7
Reschedules completed by

The development of the ISL Level 3 Central was a collaborative effort with members, dating to early Fall 2015.  The work done over the course of fall and winter is documented on the following archived webpages:


Level 3 Central Team Entry

Welcome to the team entry page for the Iowa Soccer League Level 3 Central division.  With team entry opening on Friday, July 1st, we wanted to provide additional resources - and a link to our registration page - to help guide you through this process. 

Team entry will be conducted using our Tourney Machine online registration tool.  Club registrars may access the page by clicking here ISL Level 3 Central Team Entry Page.  Remember, registration will remain closed until Friday, July 1st.

Tip Sheet

Please be sure to review our tip sheet before navigating through the team entry process.  We want to help you get information gathered in advance so the entry process goes smoothly and quickly.  You may access the tip sheet by clicking here ISL Level 3 Central Team Entry Tip Sheet.

Points of Emphasis:

  • We understand that coaches may or may not be in place at this time.  When completing the team entry process, you may leave these sections blank.  Iowa Soccer will be in touch after July 15th about submitting or updating coaches contact information.
  • When deciding which playing age or group to place your team(s), please consider the ISL L3 Central takes a common sense approach to team placement in an age group.  It is a goal that by offering single age groups, teams will be more likely to be placed in a playing group against teams of similar age and development.  However, we do understand that clubs sometimes must place an "older" player on a younger team in order for that player to have a chance to play.  By rule, that team must then be classified as an "older" team.
  • For L3 Central, we will allow clubs to place teams in their best playing age group using the following guidelines:
    • 12U may select to play in 11U playing age group
    • 14U may select to play in 13U playing age group
    • 16U may NOT select to play in 14U playing age group or below
    • 19U may NOT select to play in 16U playing age group or below

NOTE: It is never acceptable to intentionally place a team in a younger playing age group for the purpose of achieving more wins.  Iowa Soccer will monitor scores and will address any concerns if they arise.

  • Another scenario is that a team in an age group may have an advanced development and/or wish to challenge itself by playing up ONE age group from its actual roster designation.  For example - we will allow a true 13U team to play in a 14U age group.
    • 11U may select to play in 12U playing age group
    • 13U may select to play in 14U playing age group
    • 11U may NOT select to play in 13U playing age group
    • 13U or 14U may NOT select to play in 16U or 19U playing age groups

Standards Chart

With all the changes prompted by US Soccer's mandates, we've developed a Level 3 Central standards chart including max roster sizes, field sizes, match length and composition (7v7, 9v9, etc.).  Click here for ISL Level 3 Central Standards Chart.


As you tackle the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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