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Member Dollars at Work: Powering Services, Benefits, Programming

The major sources of funding for Iowa Soccer are youth and adult player and coach registration fees, user-fees, and to a lesser degree, affiliation fees by the youth clubs.
  • Registration Fees
    • When a parent pays the club for their child to play, a small part of that fee covers what the club is obligated to forward to Iowa Soccer for those individual memberships (player and coach memberships).  Sometimes included in the club's fee is the cost of the coach's membership, as some clubs choose to cover part or all of the modest membership fee for coaches.
    • When adults join a league, a portion of their fee goes to Iowa Soccer. 
  • User-fees
    • Fee charged to "user" for participation in specific Iowa Soccer programs, such as coach education courses, tournaments, an entry fee for a league, camps and so on.
  • Club Affiliation Fee
    • Each year our affiliate youth clubs pay a $50 affiliation fee which helps to cover a small portion of the cost of services provided to clubs.
Iowa Soccer has 26 different program budgets that staff are required to develop annually.  The yearly evaluation of revenue against expenses ensures that user-fee programs cover their expenses and that overall programming, services and benefits are covered by membership fees.
Iowa Soccer's staff and board are committed to handling all dollars with care, putting them "to work".  The result?  Services, programming and benefits that align with our mission, and our members' needs.


Programs & Resources

  • Member dollars have been invested in a variety of programming through the years:  the development of sportsmanship programs; the creation and/or expansion of camp, tournament, academy and league opportunities; the creation and implementation of a risk-management program; administrative and support services by staff for members; the promotion and celebration of annual award winners and Hall of Fame inductees are several examples.
  • Now more than ever, insurance coverage is a critical factor for organizations and individuals.  Iowa Soccer provides a member insurance program, covering participant accident, general liability and Directors and Officers.  Member dollars cover the cost of premiums.  In recent years Iowa Soccer has allied with other State Associations to leverage better rates for our members.
  • Both online and in-person, coaching education is vital to the success of cultivating knowledgeable coaches who can make soccer fun, ultimately influencing players to keep playing (retention).  Iowa Soccer relies on member dollars to cover the support and promotion of non-userfee coach education programming, assistance and support.
  • As members of three national organizations, US Youth Soccer, US Adult Soccer Association and US Soccer, Iowa Soccer and its members have access to a range of programming and services, which Iowa Soccer will keep out in front of its members.

Powering the Organizations

  • Let's face it, in today's world there are certain "power tools" required in order to run your club or league -- tools such as insurance coverage, risk-management procedures and requirements, individual registration and data collection, member rules and policies and other paperwork.  Some of the member dollars go directly toward covering the cost of those tools, which includes Iowa Soccer's support role in helping our member organizations run.
  • As with members, Iowa Soccer has an array of power tools that need "juice" and member dollars also support the physical office, operational requirements and staff.

Supporting soccer in the U.S.

  • Iowa Soccer is an affiliate organization of US Youth Soccer, the US Adult Soccer Association and US Soccer, all of which collect affiliation fees from you -- through us.  Your dollars are, therefore, put to work promoting opportunities for players ranging from youth to adult, recreational to national team caliber -- in other words, to support soccer in the United States!

Youth Fees

Iowa Soccer's individual player registration fees are

  • 04U-08U, $8.50
  • 09U-10U, $11.50
  • 11U-19U, $13.50


Iowa Soccer's Level 1 and Level 2 team fee is

  • $30 per team
  • Only 11U and above age groups can be classified as Level 1 or Level 2


From these fees, Iowa Soccer must pass along to our national governing bodies

  • $1.00 for every player to US Soccer
  • $1.00 for every player to US Youth Soccer


Therefore for Iowa Soccer's operations, our organization has player fee revenues at the following levels

  • From 04U-08U, $6.50 per player
  • From 09U-10U, $9.50 per player
  • From 11U-19U, $11.50 per player

Adult Fees

Iowa Soccer's player registration fee is

  • $25.00


From this fee, Iowa Soccer must pass along to our national governing bodies

  • $2.00 for every player to US Soccer
  • $14.00 for every player to US Adult Soccer


Therefore for Iowa Soccer's operations, our organization has player fee revenues at the following level

  • $9.00



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