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Registration for 2022 is OPEN!

The Iowa Referee Committee (IRC) Registrar, Tyler Turner, has OPENED the 2022 Recertification & Registration Window with US Soccer for all Iowa Referees, Assessors, Assignors, and Instructors. US Soccer's 2022 registration year began on July 1, 2021. Go to the Recertification & Registration page for instructions on how to register for 2022.

Regional Referee Certification Requirements


An important reminder for those referees looking to upgrade from a Grassroots Referee to a Regional Referee. The criteria below, as established by US Soccer, are the only criteria which can be used when upgrading from a Grassroots Referee to a Regional Referee. This information can be found in the Learning Center under the RESOURCES tab. These criteria read as follows:


Please take note of the game counts required to begin the upgrade process. A spreadsheet detailing the games must be provided to the SDA and approved before you begin requesting upgrade assessments. Your game log should include the following information: Date of Game, Teams Involved, Final Score, Game Location, Name of Assignor. The IRC also recommends obtaining a Developmental Assessment within 3 months of beginning the upgrade process to gauge referee competence. This will allow the referee the best opportunity to be successful in the upgrade process.

Remember, all of the criteria (other than the game count) posted by US Soccer must be started and completed in the July 1 to June 30 window to be valid for the following year registration.

If you have any questions, please e-Mail the State Director of Assessment (SDA), Lance Mesman, or call 515-423-6013.

Referee Development Quarterly Newsletter

refs-RDQ-Newsletter The US Soccer Referee Department publishes a Referee Development Quarterly Newsletter. The latest edition of their newsletter (released Feb. '21) can be downloaded by clicking on the image at left. Articles include Referee Community Storylines, Referee Department News, continuing education, answers to FAQs, and sponsors' advertisements.

Match Day Protocols


Match Day Protocols followed with the return to play this Spring 2021 Season can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

Please note that as a referee, you will not police nor enforce implementation of the protocols. However, please notify Iowa Soccer of any issues of non-compliance and they will follow-up with club / facility leadership to work through the issues.


RSS Feeds


Stay current with the latest soccer referee news feeds from Feedspot.

RSS Feeds from the Professional Referee Organization (PRO) include news articles, interviews, MLS and international assignments for PRO referees, Inside Video Review, The Definitive Angle, … .

The Dutch Referee Blog feed features challenging weekly Laws of the Game Quizzes, Interviews, Case Studies, Refereeing Assistance Programme (RAP) downloads, ...

Other news sources include FIFA Referees News, reddit, RefChat, and Law 5 | The Referee.


Blogs, Podcasts, News, YouTube videos, and RSS feeds from one place.

US Soccer Referee Program


The US Soccer Referee Program site posts the latest Administration, Assessment, Fitness Testing, and Instruction information available for download from the Resource Center.


Iowa Delegation – 2019 Midwest Regionals


The Iowa Referee Committee (IRC) is proud to present the Iowa Delegation to the 2019 Midwest Regional Tournament that was held June 21-26 in Saginaw, MI. Iowa was represented by 15 referees and 3 referee coaches.

Referees were Michael Barnes, Peter Bergum, Greg Dollens, Jonathan Hill, Robert Kerwood, Ben Lloyd, Daniel Lopez, Jeromy Metier, Esad Omanovic, Blaise Rothwell, Jackie Spiegel, Jared Tee, Krista Tee, Miranda Thelen, and Charles Woodcock.

Referee coaches were Royce Van Roekel, Kevin Stapleford, and Lance Mesman who also served as our Responsible State Administrator.

4 referees were assigned to semi-final matches and another 2 referees to finals matches.

Esad Omanovic was selected to referee at the US Youth Soccer National Championship Tournament in Overland Park, KS in July.

refs-2019-Midwest Regionals
L. Mesman, P. Bergum, J. Tee, R. Kerwood, K. Stapleford, J. Hill, R. Van Roekel
M. Barnes, B. Rothwell, J. Metier, G. Dollens, B. Lloyd
E. Omanovic, J. Spiegel, K. Tee, M. Thelen, C. Woodcock, D. Lopez

Iowa Delegation – 2019 Region 2 Presidents Cup


The Iowa Referee Committee (IRC) is proud to present the Iowa Delegation to the 2019 Region 2 Presidents Cup held June 13-17 in Overland Park, KS. Iowa was represented by 14 Referees and 3 Mentors.

Referees were Laura Anderson, Jeff Blanchard, Mary Blanchard, Rod Christofferson, Jonathan Hill, Robert Kerwood, Ben Lloyd, Millie Phillips, Blake Reed, Blaise Rothwell, Matt Ryder, Nikki Schuppan, Joseph Spies, and Nejra Vatres.

Mentors were Lou Agocs, Mike Lucht, and Phil Watson who also served as our Responsible State Administrator.

9 Iowa referees were selected to work games in the semi-final round of the tournament with 4 selected to work the finals.

J. Blanchard, B. Rothwell, J. Spiess, B. Read, R. Kerwood, J. Hill, R. Christofferson, B. Lloyd, M. Ryder
P. Watson, M. Phillips, L. Anderson, M. Blanchard, N. Vatres, N. Schuppan, L. Agocs, M. Lucht

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