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National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NISOA)



For the Fall 2019 College Soccer Season, the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Soccer Rules Committee and Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved changes which were largely administrative:

• Rule 5.6.1 – requiring hydration breaks of no less than 2 minutes around the 25-30 and 70-75 minute marks

• Rule 7.4.3 – postgame forfeit was DELETED

• Rule 12.8.1 – eliminating the forfeit penalty for participation by an ejected or suspended player or coach

IMPORTANT: Many of the changes in the 2019-20 International Football Association Board (IFAB) Laws of the Game (LOTG) were not implemented by the NCAA.

This Fall's revisions are described in detail in the 2019-20 Major Rules Changes.

Rules Books are published every other year. The 97 page 2018 and 2019 NCAA Soccer Rules Book together with other key resources needed by referees who will be officiating NISOA matches for the 2019 Fall Season are located in Box in a NISOA folder. Additional information there includes:

• Rules Changes / Interpretations

• MISOA and GIC-NISOA Rules Meeting Information / Handouts

• Comparative Study of Rules and Laws

• 4th Official Guide / Match Form

• Overviews of Diagonal and Dual Systems of Control

• Assistant Referee Refresher

Visit the NISOA Website and the NISOA Central Hub in Arbiter for additional information to be posted throughout the College Season.


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