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Q: What is the purpose of ODP?

A: The purpose of the Iowa ODP program is to identify, train, and develop the most advanced players in Iowa to their full potential. Once identified these players are provided with the opportunity to compete with and against elite players within the Region and across the country. The Iowa ODP program is one step in Iowa Performance Pathway and the National Player Pathway.


Q: When do ODP tryouts take place?   

A: Tryouts take place on August 12-13 for the upcoming 2017-2018 ODP season. Click on the tryout schedule for specific days and times for tryouts for each age group. Players are encouraged to register online prior to August 6.


Q: What Age Groups are players select for ODP teams?

A: ODP teams will be formed in the 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 (Age Group Teams), 2005 and 2006 (District Team) age groups for both boys and girls.


Q: What is the cost to attend tryouts for ODP?

A: The cost to attend tryouts is $30.00 (prior to August 6). Players are encouraged to register online prior to August. We do accept registrations on the day of tryouts.


Q: Can you explain the tryout and selection process?

During the tryout process players participate in a variety of technical and tactical training activities and then a small-sided or full game format. From these activities the professional coaching staff for the age group make their assessment of each player. The professional coaching staff make the final assessment on each player and then select the top 30-40 players in each age group for  Age Group training pools. Age Group Pools will be announced on September 11th


Q: How often does the pool train and how much does it cost?

A: The pool will be named at the end of August and will begin training September and continuing once a month (or more) through March.  ODP is not intended to conflict with club soccer but is designed to complement the work being down at the club level.


Q: What does the pool do in addition to training?

A: Depending on the birth year events vary. However, typically we participate in friendly ODP events with Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois or Minnesota. Each event is billed per participant actual costs prior to the event taking place. The goal is to compliment the club calendars while working to provide our elite players with additional opportunities to develop and compete against some of the best players/teams in the country.


Q: When are the State Teams announced?

A: Age Group pools are announced in early September. The pool will train throughout the year and players will be selected from the age group pool to represent Iowa in tournaments and sub-regional events. In May, some players will be selected to represent Iowa at the Region II ODP Camp in July.


Q: What is the Region II Tournament? 

The Region II ODP Identification camp is the culminating event of the ODP year.  It is an opportunity for a select few Iowa players to represent Iowa at the next level competing with/against other outstanding players from Region II (Ohio North, Ohio South, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas).


Q: How much does Region II ID Camp cost? 

A: The fee for the Region II Tournament is approximately $400-$500 plus hotel, food and transportation.


Q: When and where are ODP practices?

A: Training will take place at a variety of complexes throughout the state. During the winter months, training is held in the best available indoor facilities and depends on the team’s geographical composition, facility availability, and the coach.  


Q: Who are the Iowa ODP coaches?

A: Iowa ODP coaches are coaches holding a USSF National Coaching License. Typically a coach spends two years with a team.


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