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ODP Selection Process


Age Group Selection Overview:

Iowa ODP offers two different team formation structures based on player age; 1. ODP District Teams and 2. Iowa ODP Age Group Teams.

Iowa ODP District Teams


This refers to the youngest two age group within our ODP program (i.e., 2005 and 2006) and is designed as an introduction to the programs Elite Youth Performance Pathway. The district teams are organized regionally within the state (i.e., east and west) to minimize travel and maximize development.


2017–2018 Eligible Age Groups: 2005 and 2006 birth years ONLY

The 2005 and 2006 age groups are part of the early identification and development process for Iowa ODP Program. Any player within the 2005 and 2006 birth year is eligible to attend tryouts. From the tryouts a pool of players for each age group and gender will be identified for further training and potential selection to a regional camp in July. The District Program offers an ideal opportunity for players to sample the program through District training centers.

Players of all competitive levels are encouraged to attend district tryouts ODP. Participation in the District Select Program is not an essential prerequisite to future participation in the US Youth Soccer ODP, however, the earlier a player's skills and potential are identified the more help it can be to the evaluations of district, state, regional and national coaches.

ODP Age Group Teams

This refers to the age groups within our ODP program that form State teams and is designed as a means to train and develop the elite players throughout our state.

2017–2018 Eligible Age Groups: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 birth years ONLY

This program is open to all players born in the eligible birth year and begins with the tryout/identification session on August 12-13. At the conclusion of the identification process, a pool of approximately 24-30 advanced players per age group (boys and girls) will be selected for further training, development and potential selection to a regional camp in July. Players of all competitive levels are encouraged to take part in this program.


Selection Process Overview

                  ODP Selection Process

How are players selected?

In August age group training pools (approx. 30 players) are identified through open tryouts. A player may also be identified/recommended and asked to join at any time during the year. It is the ISA State Coaches' responsibility to select 18 players in their respective age groups for specific events. Technical Leaders will scout games throughout the year looking for talented players.

Selection is not an easy task for age group coaches. The head coach uses input from other qualified coaches and club directors in order to make sure all players are accurately assessed. Players are evaluated on the following components of player development. Of those listed, emphasis is often placed on the players technical, tactical and skill development.

Assessment Criteria


Technical Development Evaluate the players technical ability (i.e., dribbling, passing, receiving etc.,)
Skill Development Evaluate the players ability to apply their technique in game situations
Tactical Understanding Evaluate the players consistent decision making in game situation 
Physical Development Evaluate the players physical attributes. Factoring in for early and late developers
Psychology/Mentality Evaluate the players psychology (i.e., attitudes, application, coach-ability etc.,)


Evaluations: Because of the volume of players attending selection we are unable to provide written individual evaluations on all players. We remain available to discuss selections with players and their coaches once the tryout and selection process is complete.

Attendance: attendance at the tryouts are essential and therefore it is critical that interested players attend. If you cannot attend the tryouts listed, please contact the ISA Director of Coaching (in writing and in advance of tryouts) identifying the conflict and rationale for not attending. In certain circumstances players can be considered through scouting program.



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