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Recertification & Registration


The 2021 Registration Window with US Soccer will open in Iowa on September 1.

Recertification is available now for those who have 2020 license(s).

2020 License Extension through 2021


For this registration cycle, your 2020 license(s) will be extended through December 31, 2021 AT NO CO$T to you. US Soccer should complete this activity late Summer / early Fall.

However, you still need to recertify. You are responsible for completing the following 4 assignments before your license(s) will be extended:

Background Screening – if expired; required for those age 18 and older; cost is $30 and is good for 2 years; allow 2 weeks for a determination

SafeSport – certification required annually by law for those age 18 and older; a less than 30 minute refresher; also available in Spanish

Intro to Safety – concussion awareness, Emergency Action Plans (EAPs), heat stroke, cold weather playing, lightning guidelines; a 30 minute refresher; also available in Spanish

You can check the expiration dates for each of the above in your Learning Center Profile.

Laws of the Game Update – new for 2020-21; a less than 30 minute slide presentation; also available in Spanish as Repaso de los cambios y aclaraciones de las Reglas de Juego 2020/21

You can confirm completion of the laws update under MY COURSES.

These 4 assignments can also be found under SUPPLEMENTAL COURSES in the US Soccer Learning Center:

• Using Google Chrome (recommended), go to the Learning Center and login
• Hover over COURSES


Click on one of the assignments as shown at left to begin. Once you've completed it, be sure to click on SUBMIT in order to receive credit.




In order to respond more quickly to your Learning Center and Recertification & Registration questions this cycle, the Iowa Referee Committee (IRC) has implemented a HelpDesk for Iowa referees, assignors, assessors, and instructors. If you have a question, send an e-Mail to:

Se habla español.

Distribution of Referee Badges

Official Sports International (OSI) will begin to distribute 2021 Badges to registered Iowa referees in November. Make sure that your mailing address is current in your Learning Center Profile.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions about the 2021 Recertification / Registration process, e-Mail the SDI, R. C. (Chip) Walaska.

If you have questions about your 2021 Badge, e-Mail the Registrar, Tyler Turner.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your Learning Center Profile, Background Check, or status of your registration, e-Mail US Soccer at

If you would like to learn more about the new US Soccer Learning Center, go to our Learning Center page.

Recertification vs. Registration

Unsure of the difference between Recertification and Registration? See below...


The Laws change. Memoranda are issued every year. Recertification ensures that you have been made aware of the changes and of any points-of-emphasis for the next registration year. Certified means you have satisfied US Soccer's annual continuing education requirement. Referees will typically meet this requirement by completing the appropriate Recertification Course, i.e., Grassroots or Regional, in the US Soccer Learning Center.


You must register with US Soccer every year. Registered means you are current with your annual registration fees and have been issued a Badge for that year. For this registration period, the window is open from September 1 through December 31, 2020. Please register during this window. If you register late, outside the window, you will be assessed a late fee. After your Registration is approved by the Registrar, you'll receive a new Badge in the mail from Official Sports International (OSI) late Fall. The earlier you register, the sooner you'll receive your new Badge. If you register too late, you may not receive a mailing.


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