Recertification & Registration



To all Iowa referees registered with US Soccer for 2019: In order to be able to continue refereeing United States Soccer Federation (USSF) matches next year, e.g., Iowa Soccer League (ISL), ILLOWA, State Cup, President's Cup, Regionals, other US Youth Soccer sanctioned matches, etc., you have to be registered for 2020. And, you cannot re-register unless you have recertified. Just because you've taken the required steps to recertify doesn't automatically mean that you have re-registered.

If you have satisfied your annual continuing education / recertification requirements and are ready to register for 2020 then click the Register Now button to be taken to your RefLink Account.
If you are unable to register because you need continuing education hours, go to Recertification Modules and complete the online 2019-2020 Referee Recertification Module.
Unsure of the difference between Recertification and Registration? Need your 16-digit USSF ID Number? See below...


The Laws change. Memoranda are issued every year. Recertification ensures that you have been made aware of the changes and of any points-of-emphasis for the next registration year. Certified means you have satisfied Iowa's annual continuing education requirement of 5 hours of training. Referees typically meet this requirement either by regularly attending Referee Association Meetings where training is provided (as posted on the Calendar of Events), attending the annual Terry Vaughn Referee Academy, attending an Instructor-led Recertification Clinic, completing the on-line recertification module and test provided every Fall under Recertification Modules, completing the online Grade 7 or Grade 6 Course Modules and Exam to upgrade, or by completing an Instructor-led Grade 9 or Grade 8 Entry-Level Course within the last 12 months. Recertification Clinics are free; you are only out the time that it takes. The Recertification Requirements for US Soccer and Iowa can be found under Publications.


You must re-register with US Soccer every year. Registered means you are current with your annual registration fees with US Soccer and have been issued a Badge for that year. For this registration period, the window is open from August 1 to December 1, 2019. Please register within this 4 month window. If you register late and are outside the window, you will be assessed a late fee. Detailed instructions for "how-to" re-register using your RefLink Account Username and Password are provided in 2019 Registration Instructions. You can pay your annual registration fees plus any late fees by mail with a Check or online via Credit Card. Annual registration fees are based on what referee grade you are, i.e., 9, 8, 7, 6, ... . Note that Referee Grade does NOT correspond to grade in school. After your Registration is approved by the State Referee Registrar (SRR), you'll receive a new Badge in the mail mid to late Winter. The earlier you register, the sooner you'll receive your new Badge. If you register too late, you may not receive a mailing.

Your 16-digit USSF ID Number

If you are a new referee having successfully completed an entry-level course within the past 12 months, then you will need to get your 16-digit USSF ID Number so that you can register for 2019. Instructions for how to download and print your USSF Registration Card containing your ID Number can be found at How to Print Your Registration Card.