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How do I re-register each year with US Soccer, i.e., the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), in Iowa?


You must register with US Soccer every year. In Iowa, the Registration Window is open from July through December. Please register within this window. If you register late and are outside the window, you will be assessed a late fee. Detailed instructions for how to re-register can be found at Recertification & Registration. You pay your annual registration fees online via credit card. After your Registration is approved by the State Referee Registrar (SRR), you'll receive a new Badge in the mail from Official Sports International (OSI) in 30-45 days. The earlier you register, the sooner you'll receive your new Badge. If you register late, you may not receive a mailing.

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What's the difference between Recertification and Registration?


In order to be able to continue refereeing United States Soccer Federation (USSF) matches, e.g., Iowa Soccer League (ISL), ILLOWA, State Cup, President's Cup, Regionals, other US Youth Soccer sanctioned matches, etc., you have to be registered. And, you cannot register unless you have recertified.

Grassroots and Regional Referees in Iowa recertify and register through the US Soccer Learning Center.

Recertification – The Laws change. Memoranda are issued every year. Recertification ensures that you have been made aware of the changes and of any points-of-emphasis for the next registration year. Certified means you have satisfied US Soccer's annual continuing education requirement. Referees will typically meet this requirement by completing the appropriate Recertification Course, i.e., Grassroots or Regional, in the US Soccer Learning Center.

Registration – You must register with US Soccer every year. Registered means you are current with your annual registration fees and have been issued a Badge for that year.

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Now that I've successfully completed the Grassroots Referee Course, how do I get assigned to games?


Following a Grassroots Referee Course, the class roster is provided to the State Director of Assignment who has the new referees' names, contact information, and most importantly their e-Mail addresses entered into the statewide Arbiter Database / Assigning Tool. You must have a unique e-Mail Address, i.e., you cannot have the same e-Mail Address as a parent, brother or sister if he/she also referees. You will be provided with an Arbiter Account. Once your account is setup, you will create a password, enter your availability and will receive e-Mail notifications and reminders of matches assigned. All assignments, ISL, Tournaments, State Cup, ... are made through the Arbiter.

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I am a Grassroots Referee. How do I upgrade to a Regional Referee?


If you are 18 years old and have been a Grassroots Referee for a minimum of 3 consecutive years, you can upgrade to a Regional Referee by undergoing a National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) Background Check, becoming SafeSport Trained, completing the Regional Referee Course (TBD), passing the FIFA Sprint / Interval Fitness Test, and passing 3 assessments as a Referee from 3 different Referee Coaches. You can request an assessment under Mentoring & Assessment.

Refer to the Regional Referee Certification Requirements provided under Publications for additional information.

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What is the Terry Vaughn Referee Academy?


The Terry Vaughn Referee Academy (TVRA) is the premier soccer-training event in the state of Iowa, and one of the largest single-day referee training events in the United States. The TVRA is typically held in late February or early March on a Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the central part of the state.

On-site sponsors have included Official Sports International (OSI), the Referee Store, FOX40, TorrX, AdvoCare, the Iowa Games, and the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO), publishers of Referee Magazine. There are prize giveaways / raffles provided by the sponsors throughout the day.

Past speakers at the Academy have included FIFA World Cup Referees, Assistant Referees and Instructors; USSF National Referees and Instructors; and, NISOA Referees and Instructors.

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I've lost my referee badge. How can I get another one?


If you've lost your referee badge and need a replacement one, contact the Registrar, Tyler Turner. He will likely instruct you to send him a self-addressed stamped envelope so that a new badge can be mailed to you. Allow a week from the time of your request.

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I've forgotten my Learning Center Password?


Contact US Soccer Learning Center Support at They will either provide you with your password or with instructions on how to reset it.

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How do I contact the Iowa Referee Committee (IRC)?

Contact information for the IRC Executive Committee and members at-large can be found on the Iowa Referee Committee page under Administration.

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