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Strategic Planning

Iowa Soccer's Board is engaged in helping create and drive the vision and mission of the organization.  Through the years, board members have led the organization through planning and strategic sessions that have set the course for the future.

Strategic Goals

  • Retention and Growth
  • Progressive Organizational Development
  • Affiliate Management Services
  • Marketing and Communications Program
  • Playing Environment


  • For Retention and Growth
    • Increase membership (players, coaches) by 5%
    • Provide resources to affiliates addressing coach and volunteer recruitment
    • Increase the retention rate of coaches from U06 to U10
    • Reduce the player dropout rate from ages 4 through 8
  • For Progressive Organizational Development
    • Develop operational efficiencies
    • Leverage technology
    • Improve Board efficiencies and effectiveness
  • For Affiliate Management Services
    • Develop and implement affiliate leadership modules
    • Provide affiliates with governance support and resources
    • Provide accessibility to facility development, maintenance and improvement resources
    • Provide access to financial resources
    • Create affiliate recognition program
  • For Marketing and Communications Program
    • Produce and implement an association plan
    • Develop and deliver affiliate marketing and communication resources and products
    • Perform research projects
  • For Playing Environment
    • Expand the reach of the coach education system
    • Expand playing opportunities
    • Implement sportsmanship programs

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