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Training & Tests


These training video Playlists can be found on the Professional Referee Organization (PRO) and Minnesota State Referee Committee (MNSRC) YouTube Channels. The Assistant Referee Tests come from the PRO Assistant Referee website.

The unofficial practice tests on the soccer laws and laws changes are available online in EasyTestMaker.

Quizzes from the popular Dutch Referee Blog archives are also included.



Inside Video Review

The PRO Manager of Senior Assistant Referees and Video Review Operations, Greg Barkey, takes a close look at the use of Video Review in Major League Soccer (MLS) most every week during the season.

The clips requiring analysis generally involve the following types of incidents:

• Offside in the Attacking Possession Phase (APP) • Goal / No Goal Decisions
• Handling • Misconduct
• Stopping a Promising Attack (SPA) • DOGSO
• Fouls Inside / Outside the Penalty Area • Penalty Kicks
• Serious Foul Play (SFP) • Violent Conduct (VC)
• Mass Confrontation • Mistaken Identity
Study these video clips from the 2019 MLS Season and follow along with the analysis provided. Written analyses for all the Inside Video Review segments can be found at The Definitive Angle.

2020-21 Changes to the IFAB Laws of the Game

A 13 minute overview of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) changes to the 2020-21 Laws of the Game (LOTG) is provided here by the MNSRC State Director of Instruction (SDI), Doug Marshak. These laws changes go into effect in Iowa at the start of the Fall 2020 Season and will remain in effect for Spring 2021. A summary of laws changes with embedded video is available under Publications.



Perception Tests

From the PRO Assistant Referee website, test your AR skills and knowledge with a series of Perception Tests. Decide whether or not the player in question is guilty of an Offside Offense. Earn bonus points if you can correctly identify the precise freeze frame that corresponds to when the ball was last played by a teammate.

• Perception Tests

Deliberate or Deflection Quizzes

Also from the PRO Assistant Referee website, test your AR skills and knowledge with a series of Offside Quizzes. Decide whether the player in the Offside Position is guilty of an Offside Offense. Was the ball deliberately played by an opponent or was it deflected? For other scenarios, answer why the player is guilty of an Offside Offense. Is the player interfering with play, interfering with an opponent, or gaining an advantage by being in an Offside Position?

2019-2020 Grassroots Referee Certification (UNOFFICIAL):

This 100Q practice test was developed with the referee Candidate and new Grassroots Referee in mind in order for them to become familiar with the language and organization of the IFAB LOTG book. The questions are arranged in Law order. When administered in the classroom, students are asked to provide the page number in the Law Book where their answer is supported.

• Grassroots Referee Certification Test (2019-2020) – Access Code: GRASS

Dutch Referee Blog Laws of the Game Quizzes

Answer the 5 questions correctly and enter for a chance to win merchandise from Refsworld.

• Laws of the Games Quiz 2020-2021 Archives


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