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Who can play e-Sports?

Who Can Participate AND When?
Participants are assigned to different divisions according to their age groups and console type (Xbox One, Playstation 4, or Nintendo Switch). Future titles that are crossplay compatible, such as Rocket League, will only be divided by age groups since all console types can play together, including PC. For the weeklies or tournaments, players between the ages of 12-19 may participate in the following age groups:
  • Age groups
    • 12 years of age-Console Type (PS4, or Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch) 
    • 13-15 years of age-Console Type (PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch) 
    • 16-19 years of age-Console Type (PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch) 
  • Upcoming 2021 Seasons
    • Winter 2021 - January 11 through March 7
    • Spring 2021 - April through June
    • Summer 2021 - July through September
E-Sports players will register for a "season" with either Iowa Soccer, or if their club has claimed an eSports Club Portal, with their current club.  After registering for an eSports season, all players will be verified as if they were registering to physically play (a.k.a. "grass season").
  • Parents are welcome to register and connect their account to the child’s account but are required to create a family account for those under the age of 13 in order to be COPPA compliant.  Information required for registration include an email address, age, club name, zip code, console type, (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch) and phone number.
  • Following registration for the season - either with Iowa Soccer or your club who has claimed its eSports portal - GDS/GYO Score will send you an invitation to create your account with them.
What is the cost of participating in Iowa Soccer’s e-Sports?
The winter 2021 season is a $29.95 entry fee for the individual player.
Player to Player Communication, Secure and Monitored 
Players will be able to communicate with one another via a secure app to reschedule games in case of emergencies or unexpected family commitments.  All player and event communications are monitored by the e-Sports commissioner and administration to ensure appropriate conduct and safety.
Houses with Multiple Children
Due to the way the software and hardware technology work, most weeklies (a.k.a. leagues), tournaments, or ladders require a single player to play on a single license for the event.  For example, if your household has two children who wish to participate, you would need two Xbox Ones plus two copies of the game license for both players to participate at the same time.

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