Youth Soccer: Becoming a Member




Why should we consider joining Iowa Soccer?

Iowa Soccer is a statewide organization that members belong to for a variety of reasons. Some include:
  • small-sided games in the younger age groups
  • opportunities for adult league play
  • association runs a statewide youth league
  • year-round tournaments for all levels of play
  • youth player summer camps
  • participant accident, general liability and D&O insurance
  • background checks for all coaches and volunteers
  • resources for managing club risk and operations
  • organizational programming rules and policies reflecting the mission of Iowa Soccer
From Greater Des Moines to Decorah, from the Quad Cities to Council Bluffs, from Burlington to Sioux City, we have 100 organizational members and 41,500 individual members choosing to belong to Iowa Soccer.
Suffice it to say, you likely have an Iowa Soccer option within striking distance. But we’re always eager to expand our membership to include areas that don’t have Iowa Soccer affiliates, and we know there are still many parts of Iowa where that is the case. If you have an interest in forming a club in your area, then we invite you to consider affiliating with Iowa Soccer.
If one of our member clubs already exists near you, we recommend you first go to it to seek playing opportunities. Unless you propose that your new club offers something distinctly different from the club in your area, we don’t typically accept membership of another club from that area. It isn’t that we don’t want you!  We simply feel it is better for the growth of the game and the development of players for soccer enthusiasts in the same community to unite rather than start from scratch and duplicate efforts.
There are rare instances, because of geography, when there is a team in a community that wants to affiliate with Iowa Soccer, but there aren’t enough players or teams to make it worthwhile to form a club, and/or there isn't an Iowa Soccer club in close enough proximity for it to be feasible to register with. There is a separate option to affiliate as a team only, but it must meet specific guidelines to be considered for membership.


We (will) have a new youth club and would like to join, so what do we do?

There are several things you should read and consider to determine if you should apply.  In particular, read through the three-page Application for Affiliation so you understand the many factors that go into an affiliation decision.
We also recommend that you incorporate your club with the Secretary of State, and file a 1023 with the IRS to become a nonprofit organization, allowing your organization to obtain a preferred tax status.


We have a team that wants to belong

We recommend you start by calling Candice Fabry in the Iowa Soccer Office to talk about your team's situation.  She often is able to find solutions that make it unnecessary to apply for affiliation as a team.  Candice can be reached at 515-252-6363 ext. 101, or by emailing


Associates of Iowa Soccer

Well, we really appreciate your enthusiasm for being part of the Iowa Soccer community!  Whether you're an individual or an organization that wants to be associated, just complete our online informational form and we'll keep you in the loop.